Artists to research work

10: Vincent van Gogh

His style is post-impression, and he is known for his famous painting Starry Night. Van Gogh is a very popular painter even when his not alive. He started painting when he was 27 and produced about 900 paintings in his lifetime. He also struggled with mental illness and shot himself when he was 37.

9: Pablo Picasso

His style is neoclassical, and his famous painting is the one and only Guernica oil painting. Picasso is also one of the most famous artists in the world and sadly died in 1973 when he was 91. He was also a child who could draw before talking, which is pretty neat. Picasso was also hold for questioning because of the missing Mona Lisa in 1911.

8: Alma Thomas

Her style was a dot color type of style because her work is mostly colored dots swarmed everywhere. Alma’s most famous painting is the wonderful A Fantastic Sunset, which is a colorful painting trying to resemble a sunset. The sunset painting was also hangup in the White House, which is very cool. Alma sadly died in 1978 in Washington D.C.

7: Jan Vermeer

His style is mostly painting people and making cityscape portraits. He started painting in the early 1650s and died in 1675. His most famous painting in the world is the Girl with a pearl earring. This painting is still mentioned today in history and pop culture.

6: Salvador Dali

His style is surrealist and making symbolism paintings. His famous painting is the Persistence of Memory because it’s been reference in many pop culture events all over the world. Adolescence was another painting that looked really cool and nice. He sadly died in 1989 and lived for a long time which is really good.

5: Andy Warhol

His style in his work is pop art. His most famous paintings were the one and only Marilyn Diptych paintings. Most of his work is from other artists but he just adds more color and texture. Another painting he did that everyone knows is the Campbell Soup can paintings. He sadly died in 1987 at age 58.

4: Leonardo Da Vinci

His style in his paintings are human portraits and value drawings. His most famous painting in the whole world is the one and only best painting Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa is the one of the best if not best painting in the whole world. The Last Supper is one of the popular paintings Leonardo did which is still seen today. He died in 1519.

3: Michelangelo

His style in art is making sculptors and portraits. His most famous painting of all is The Creation of Adam which is a very famous painting in pop culture. There’s another painting called Sistine Chapel and it’s also famous. He died in 1564.

2: Grant Wood

His style in his art is charcoal and ink portraits. His most famous painting that everyone should know is The American Gothic. This painting is in movies, shows, and places. He died in 1942.

1: Rembrandt

His style of art is self-portraits. His famous portrait in his works is The Old Man Portrait in 1667. Another painting of his is the self-portrait of himself. He died in 1669.